School Details

Name : Aprajita Goswami ( Principal )

Contact No. : 9001127588

Form The Principal's Desk.

Dear Parent, Our vision is to help the kids grow realising their full human potential while enriching their entire personality including their physical, mental and spiritual being. We strive to calibrate a new system which imparts academic excellence and a conducive environment for the child so that she can know and express her inner strengths and talents and, at the same time, allowing her to grow at her own pace and reach her highest possibilities. We aim to provide a modern age education which will enable a child to be a great resource for her community and the whole world. The school is an English medium school but its educational system is deeply rooted in the indian culture, values and ethos.


Class : Play Group To
Medium English
Transportation Available
Best Teaching Faculty
Outdoor / Indoor Games
Smart Classes // Computer Lab
Special Yoga Classes


Contact Information

Contact Details

Address :- Khadi Bhandar, Deogarh, Rajsamand (Raj.) 313331
Phone No.:- 6376434572 // 7340040777
Email :-
Facebook :- Bal Mandir Genius Public School Deogarh

Contact Details

Address :- Manak Chowk, Deogarh, Rajsamand (Raj.) 313331

Phone No.:- 7610914948 // 9982689938



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